About Us

Dr.Reginald Brumfield 
Chief Information Officer 

Alicia Smith-Gantt 
Director of Applications Services 

Dr. Brandon Green 
Director of Learning Technology 

Justin Puder 
Director of Technology Operations

Andrae Wallace 
Manager of System Administration

John Martinez 
Manager of Network Engineering

Dorsa Farshadinejad
IT Manager

Michael Acosta 
Institutional Analyst 

Mustafa Alkadar  
Senior Support Technician

Sam Badal 
User Services Specialist 

Ajay Dutt 
Programmer Analyst – HR System

Ijeoma Ezebuilo 
Senior Business Analyst

Dr. Michelle Hernandez-Perez 
Senior Learning Technology Administrator  

Dr. Tara Kissel 
Learning Experience Designer 

Eduardo Osorio 
Business Intelligence Analyst 

Michael Perkins 
User Services Specialist 

RoLana Starr-Holcombe 
Business Analyst 

Justin Williams  
Support Technician

Poovizhi Venkatesan 
Programmer Analyst – Finance System (FSCM)