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Quarantine FAQ

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About Quarantine

IMPORTANT: Emails in Quarantine are automatically deleted 14 days after they are received.

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The University of St. Thomas (UST) has implemented the FortiMail Secure Email Gateway to filter potentially dangerous, inappropriate, and undesired email messages into FortiMail’s Quarantine rather than directly to your UST-provided email. As Fortimail’s inbound filtering engines outright block obvious spam and malware, less obvious potential spam is filtered into Quarantine to await user action.

This system has allowed IT to implement stricter (ie, better) spam filtering rules for all UST email accounts without accidentally blocking legitimate emails. Now you can access any legitimate emails that were unintentionally trapped in Quarantine through its special mailbox or by using the reports. More on those below.

Managing Your Quarantine

Two options are available for managing your Quarantine. Click an option to learn more about how to use or change features.

Quarantine Web Portal, Mailbox, and Preferences

  • Learn how to release multiple emails at once, disable reports, and customize your Quarantine. The Quarantine Web Portal provides direct access to all your quarantined emails and access to Quarantine settings.

Quarantine Reports

  • Learn more about the quarantine reports that are sent to your regular stthom.edu email address.